Rafał Lewkowicz

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OBJECTIVES Low back pain in pilots of military helicopters is widely discussed in the world literature. Vibrations and improper seat configuration cause that cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine might be exposed to overloading. The aim of the study was to determine the incidence and intensity of pain in the spine as well as to identify subjective risk(More)
BACKGROUND Physiological effects of +Gz centrifugation are well known. Psychological functioning combined with +Gz centrifugation also appears to be important, but has not yet been sufficiently studied. This study was designed to evaluate whether mood (energetic arousal, tense arousal, and hedonic tone) is influenced by a centrifuge run with +Gz stress. (More)
INTRODUCTION Pilots' vision and flight performance may be impeded by spatial disorientation and high altitude hypoxia. The Coriolis illusion affects both orientation and vision. However, the combined effect of simultaneous Coriolis illusion and hypoxia on saccadic eye movement has not been evaluated. METHOD A simulated flight was performed by 14(More)
BACKGROUND Pilots are constantly exposed to a number of environmental factors, which include +Gz load. Physiological changes evoked by +Gz stimuli have already been well investigated in aviation medicine. However, the influence of +Gz stimulation on executive functions in pilots has not yet been thoroughly explored. METHOD There were 20 pilot cadets(More)
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