Raed Ibraheem Hamed

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In this paper we present a weighted fuzzy production rules method incorporating the concepts of local weight with fuzzy Petri net. An improved method to compute the fuzzy value of the gene expression levels of the consequent part and a better way to interpret the linguistic meaning of the consequent are proposed here. Our approach offers the advantages of(More)
We introduce an approach to risk estimation in breast cancer disease based on an intelligent method of Petri net. For the purpose of knowledge representation of risk estimation in breast cancer disease, a specified type of Petri net approach is explicitly introduced in this paper. A woman whose mother, sister or daughter had breast cancer has an increased(More)
Nonparametric mathematical models have gained a very massive attention in the last two decades in solving regression problem. The application of soft computing methodologies produced a very remarkable assistance to human abilities especially in solving nonlinear and non-stationary engineering problems. The current article investigates the utility of(More)
Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) diagnostic is a challenging issue that have not been optimally solved. NPC has a complex structure which makes it difficult to diagnose even by an expert physician. Many researchers over the last few decades till now have established a lot of research efforts and used many methods with different techniques. However, the best(More)
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