Raed Al-Shaikh

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Servers' reintegration is a mode of file system operation that allows file servers to synchronize their data after network partitions. The reintegration design supports the main objectives of the disconnection-resilient file systems, which is to provide high available and reliable storage for files, and guarantees that file operations are executed in spite(More)
The rising demand for mobile computing has created a need for improved file system that supports mobile clients. Current file systems with support for mobility provide availability through file replicas that are cached at the client side. However, mobile clients may experience different obstacles in regard to the local cache, such as the limited network(More)
– In recent years, significant research has been conducted to boost the performance and increase the reliability of high performance computing (HPC) clusters. As the number of compute nodes in modern HPC clusters continues to grow, it is critical to design clusters with low power consumption and low failure rate. In particular, it is widely known that the(More)
In recent years, we have witnessed a growing interest in high performance computing (HPC) using a cluster of workstations. However, many challenges remain to be resolved before these systems become dependable. One of the challenges in a clustered environment is to keep system failure to the minimum level and while achieving the highest possible level of(More)