Raechel McKinley

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BACKGROUND Lengthy remission or cure has remained elusive for patients with many of the common haematological malignancies. Thus high dose chemotherapy followed by autologous haemopoietic stem cell transplantation is being increasingly utilised in these diseases. AIM To assess the safety of high dose chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplantation(More)
In view of the rapidly increasing use of inhaled nitric oxide for infants with potentially reversible pulmonary hypertension, the ability to accurately measure nitric oxide and its by-products is an increasingly important safety issue. The authors evaluated the abilities of two chemiluminescent analyzers and two electrochemical sensors to detect known(More)
The detrimental effects of heavy drinking and smoking are multiplied when the two are combined. Treatment modalities for each and especially for the combination are very limited. Although in low concentration, alcohol and nicotine, each may have beneficial effects including neuroprotection, their combination, instead of providing additive protection, may(More)
Familial splenomegaly is a rare occurrence and is occasionally associated with immune abnormalities. We report three members of a family with massive splenomegaly associated with a reduction in circulating T helper cells, a reversed T4/T8 ratio and cutaneous anergy. The spleen and lymph nodes were shown in one family member to have germinal centre(More)
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