Rae-Young Kim

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A boost-cascaded-with-buck converter based power conditioning system employing a seamless mode transfer maximum power point tracking controller is proposed to maximize energy production of a thermoelectric generator while balancing the vehicle battery charging, alternator output power, and vehicle load. When a maximum power point exceeds a load demand, the(More)
This paper describes an optimal configuration for multicentral inverters in a medium-voltage (MV) grid, which is suitable for large-scale photovoltaic (PV) power plants. We theoretically analyze a proposed common-mode equivalent model for problems associated with multicentral transformerless-type threephase full bridge (3FB) PV inverters employing(More)
In this paper, A novel control scheme of LLC resonant converter is proposed to maximize energy harvest of photovoltaic resources by adapting an integrated transformer with variable magnetizing inductance adaptively. The proposed resonant converter changes its magnetizing inductance according to the PV panel operating condition, and thus it is possible to(More)
Three-level neutral-point diode-clamped (NPC) multi-level inverter has been known as a superior topology of inverters. However, this topology method has an inherent problem of the neutral point potential variation. In this paper, a simple control scheme based on the unified voltage modulation technique has been proposed to balance the neutral-point voltage(More)
In this paper, a fault diagnosis algorithm for brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives is proposed to maintain control performance under switch open-damage. The proposed fault diagnosis algorithm consists of a simple algorithm using measured phase current information and it detects open-circuit faults based on the operating characteristic of BLDC motors. The(More)
This paper proposes the phase delay compensation method of the analog filter used to enhance the measuring performance for sensorless control based on high frequency signal injection. An inherent delay effect caused by a band-pass-filter has a negative impact on the position estimation for a signal injected sensorless control, and thus requires a proper(More)