Rae-Anne Hardie

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The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is threatened with extinction because of a contagious cancer known as Devil Facial Tumor Disease. The inability to mount an immune response and to reject these tumors might be caused by a lack of genetic diversity within a dwindling population. Here we report a whole-genome analysis of two animals originating from(More)
Within-population genetic diversity is greatest within Africa, while between-population genetic diversity is directly proportional to geographic distance. The most divergent contemporary human populations include the click-speaking forager peoples of southern Africa, broadly defined as Khoesan. Both intra- (Bantu expansion) and inter-continental migration(More)
Human leucocyte antigen-DP presents peptides to CD4 T cells and plays an important role in parasitic infections and autoimmune diseases, yet its influence on HIV-1 susceptibility has not been well studied. Here, we report several human leucocyte antigen-DP genotypes associated with HIV-1 susceptibility in Kenyan sex workers. Among these, one common genotype(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the association of DQ antigens with resistance and susceptibility to HIV-1. DESIGN Despite repeated exposure to HIV-1, a subset of women in the Pumwani Sex Worker cohort established in Nairobi, Kenya in 1985 have remained HIV-1 negative for at least 3 years and are classified as resistant. Differential susceptibility to HIV-1(More)
We report four novel KIR2DL2 alleles and two novel KIR2DL3 alleles identified from an East African population using sequence-based typing. Sequencing and molecular cloning of exon 4 confirmed that the new 2DL2 alleles were identical to 2DL2*003, except for the following nucleotide differences: 2DL2*00601 had a difference at codon 16 (CGC→CCC), resulting in(More)
BACKGROUND Compared with White Americans, Black American men are at a significant increased risk of presenting with prostate cancer (PCa) and associated mortality, suggesting a link to African-ancestry. However, PCa status within Africa is largely unknown. We address the clinical presentation of PCa within Black South African men. METHODS Over 1,000(More)
The oldest extant human maternal lineages include mitochondrial haplogroups L0d and L0k found in the southern African click-speaking forager peoples broadly classified as Khoesan. Profiling these early mitochondrial lineages allows for better understanding of modern human evolution. In this study, we profile 77 new early-diverged complete mitochondrial(More)
BACKGROUND Pancreatic cancer has a five-year survival rate of ~8%, with characteristic molecular heterogeneity and restricted treatment options. Targeting metabolism has emerged as a potentially effective therapeutic strategy for cancers such as pancreatic cancer, which are driven by genetic alterations that are not tractable drug targets. Although somatic(More)
The roll-out of a hospital-wide electronic medication management system (eMMS) is a challenging task, requiring planning, coordination, communication and change management. This research aimed to explore the views of doctors and nurses about the strategy used to implement an eMM system in a paediatric hospital. Semi-structured interviews were performed(More)