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An underwater vehicle-manipulator system (UVMS) is an underwater robot equipped with one or more robotic arms. Various research studies have been focusing on the development of single-arm UVMS. To increase the efficiency and dexterity of underwater robotic manipulation, multiple-arm UVMS is a much better option than a single-arm UVMS. However, the(More)
This paper presents the development of image reconstruction for optical tomography using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) board, DE0 Nano. This design eliminated the need of computer in image reconstruction stage. Therefore, this will simplify the overall design, where the image will be displayed on an Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) only and this could(More)
Master-slave system is a vital technique for controlling robot motions. An intuitive master controller enables precise and easy control of robot, especially for underwater robotics applications. Most of the commercially available master-slave systems are very complex and expensive, and operators need to receive extensive training before being able to(More)
Received Sep 2, 2017 Revised Nov 16, 2017 Accepted Nov 30, 2017 There are several factors that may result to wrist injuries such as athlete injuries and stroke. Most of the patients are unable to undergo rehabilitation at healthcare providers due to cost and logistic constraint. To solve this problem, this project proposes a home-based wrist rehabilitation(More)
Hand paralysis is typical disabilities resulting from stroke. Rehabilitation assists stroke survivors to gaining back to their normal life and accomplishing the best level of independence. Repetitive practice is imperative to improve grasping strength and retrain the brain motor skills. Thus, this paper proposes an instrumented glove utilizing flex sensors(More)
This paper presents a digital resolved acceleration control method for coordinated motion control of an underwater vehicle equipped with manipulators. Using this method, in spite of large position and attitude errors of the underwater vehicle, good control performances of the end-tips of the manipulators to follow a pre-planned trajectory can be achieved.(More)
Majority of underwater robots utilize single propeller thrusters for navigation. A disadvantage of using a single-shaft propeller thruster is that the thrust force generated from a single propeller for reverse and forward thrust is asymmetric due to the disturbed flow caused by the thruster’s body which may reduce thruster efficiency. Moreover, measurement(More)
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