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INTRODUCTION Spigelian hernias are a rare type of hernia through the Spigelian aponeurosis. Spigelian hernias are very uncommon and constitute only 0.12% of all abdominal wall hernias. These hernias are located in the aponeurosis of the internal oblique muscle and transverse abdominal muscle. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 30-year-old woman at 28 weeks' gestation(More)
INTRODUCTION Cryptorchidism is characterized by the extra-scrotal position of the testis. The surgical community has little to no knowledge of cryptorchid testis in adults apart from of pediatric surgeons. Therefore, we sought to describe this unusual cause of inguinal hernia. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 50-year-old man was referred with a inguinal hernia.(More)
INTRODUCTION Although diverticular disease of the colon is frequent, perforated diverticulitis causing subcutaneous emphysema is a uncommon entity. We wish to present this extremely rare case of perforated colonic diverticulum in the subcutaneous tissue, which is the first one that we have encountered in our practice, along with the accompanying diagnostic(More)
INTRODUCTION Although diverticular disease of the duodenum and colon is frequent, the jejuno-ileal diverticulosis (JOD) is an uncommon entity. The perforation of the small bowel diverticula can be fatal due to the delay in diagnosis. PRESENTATION OF CASE We report the case of a 79-year-old man presenting with generalized abdominal pain and altered bowel(More)
UNLABELLED Laparoscopic hernia repair is more difficult than open hernia repair. The totally extraperitoneal procedure with 3 trocars on the midline is more comfortable for the surgeon. We studied the impact of the length between the umbilicus and the pubis on the totally extraperitoneal procedure (95 hernias operated on in 70 patients). This length did not(More)
Metastatic meningioma is a rare situation. We conducted a retrospective study from our databases and identified cases of metastatic meningioma. We report three presentations of patients with medical history of surgical removal of meningioma presenting several years later a liver tumor with bone metastasis or multiple lung tumors. These observations(More)
INTRODUCTION Diverticular disease of the colon is a frequent pathology; however, perforated diverticulitis with a spontaneous sigmoidocutaneous fistula revealed by a perianal abscess is an uncommon presentation. We present this extremely rare case of a perforated sigmoid diverticulum in the perianal area, which is the first case that we have encountered in(More)
INTRODUCTION Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis (PCI) is an uncommon condition. This following article describes a case of primary PCI presenting as acute abdomen due to perforation of a small bowel cyst. PRESENTATION OF CASE This following article describes the case of an 88 year-old woman admitted at the hospital with peritonitis and consequently(More)
INTRODUCTION Primary Pulmonary Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma PPMC is an extremely rare subtype of pulmonary adenocarcinoma, with only a few dozen cases reported in the literature to date. PRESENTATION OF CASE We report a extremely rare case of pulmonary mucinous cystadenocarcinoma presenting as a pleural mesothelioma. 53-year-old man exposed to asbestos, he(More)