Raduan Che Rose

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We examined the influence of information technology (IT) acceptance on organizational agility. The study was based on a well-established theoretical model, the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). We attempted to identify the relationships between IT acceptance and organizational agility in order to see how the acceptance of technology contributes to a firm's(More)
HPLC/electrochemical detection was used to identify five major low MW water soluble electrochemically active molecules from the aqueous humor of three species of mammals: New Zealand White rabbits and humans (diurnal) and Sprague-Dawley rats (nocturnal). These molecules are L-cysteine (CYS), L-ascorbic acid (AA), glutathione (GSH), uric acid (UA) and(More)
Ascorbic acid is concentrated in various ocular compartments where it is thought to protect diurnal animal species against damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. The authors evaluated the possibility that corneal endothelial cells have specific transport and/or metabolic properties that deliver ascorbic acid to the stroma. Bovine corneal endothelial(More)
Internationalization of business may perhaps force not merely the restructuring of cultural values but to consider the overture of different cultural practices which perhaps leads to a superior organizational performance. Literatures pertaining to organizational culture constantly reinforce that culture is imperatives for organizational change efforts,(More)
T oday a firm's success largely depends on the capabilities of its members. Firms may have the capital and technology, but it is Human Resources (HR) that will help firms face the challenges of business globalization. Capital can be generated. So can technology. But the HR required to propel an organization through the coming challenges must be rightly and(More)
Understanding sources of sustained competitive advantage has become a major area of study in strategic management. The resource-based view stipulates that in strategic management the fundamental sources and drivers to firms' competitive advantage and superior performance are mainly associated with the attributes of their resources which are valuable and(More)
The advent of technology as inputs in the realization of organizational productivity enhancement has prompted researchers to study the determinants that make certain the successful acceptance of new technologies especially information technology among users. Many studies have looked into framing variables from the existing established theories of technology(More)
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