Radu Vizireanu

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A mobile device like a smart phone is becoming one of main information processing devices for users these days. Using it, a user not only receives and makes calls, but also performs information tasks. However, a mobile device is still resource constrained, and some applications, especially work related ones, usually demand more resources than a mobile(More)
Oxy-hemoglobin and deoxy-hemoglobin, main blood chromatophores flowing through the arteries and veins, respectively, reflect sunlight differently. The biggest difference is at a specific wavelength in the visible spectrum. The amount of blood in the arteries varies during cardiac activity. As a result, the skin color changes, but its limits cannot be(More)
Radar targets are objects with complex geometries carrying information about the simple components, if the wavelength is comparable with their linear dimension. Two basic geometries, found at aircrafts, are investigated in this paper: a dihedral and a cylinder. The finite thickness of these objects was considered, as well. The Radar cross section was(More)
In the past years we have experienced a fast growth in the demand and widespread of mobile devices. The evolution of wireless network technologies has offered mobile devices direct access to Internet and so, now, many applications allow users to interact with their friends on social-networks, send e-mails, use Internet-banking services and more, while on(More)
The process of switch-over from analog to digital television has set up conditions for improvement of quality of experience for consumers of TV services and a better usage of transmission bandwith. The diversity of multimedia content, alternative modalities of transmitting and reception of that content, the increased requirements of consumers for TV and(More)
The topic of data deduplication has received lately a lot of attention for its storage reduction functionality. Data deduplication essentially refers to the elimination of redundant data, leaving only one copy of the data to be stored, and is meant to reduce the pain regarding the exponential data growth in backup or archiving centers. Most existing(More)
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