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INTRODUCTION Primary bone tumors are relatively rare types of cancer. Their relative frequency is not yet well established and still there is more information needed regarding the evolution and prognosis of those patients. OBJECTIVES We analyzed several factors (site of lesion, tumor stage, tumor volume, disease related complications, therapy related(More)
Ureterolithotomy is considered to be the last option for treating a lumbar ureteric stone. The authors reviewed two cases with lumbar ureteric stones treated in january 2003, one by ureterolithotomy and one by retrograde ureteroscopy regarding the costs for hospitalisation, investigations and medication. Among the certain clinical advantages for the(More)
When inbred BALB/c mice were separated from their mother for 24 or 36 hr beginning shortly after birth, growth of the body, whole brain and corpus callosum was almost completely stopped. After being returned to their mother, mice deprived for 24 hr gained weight more slowly than non-deprived littermates over the next 6 days but later showed moderate(More)
The development of two forebrain fiber tracts, the anterior commissure (CA) and corpus callosum (CC), was examined in BALB/cCF laboratory mice in relation to the maternal dietary protein concentration during gestation. The diets contained either 8 or 27% casein. The BALB/c strain was used because it is prone to having a corpus callosum which is either(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the internal urethrotomy in the treatment of urethral strictures, by the retrospective analysis of 54 cases. The patients' age ranged between 18-92. 35 patients (64.8%) had iatrogenic strictures and 10 (18.5%) had traumatic ones. 35 patients presented with urinary infections before the procedure. Following internal(More)
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