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With large scale botnets emerging as one of the major current threats, the automatic detection of botnet traffic is of high importance for service providers and large campus network monitoring. Faced with high speed network connections, detecting botnets must be efficient and accurate. This paper proposes a novel approach for this task, where NetFlow(More)
To address the issue of malware detection through large sets of applications, researchers have recently started to investigate the capabilities of machine-learning techniques for proposing effective approaches. So far, several promising results were recorded in the literature, many approaches being assessed with what we call in the lab validation scenarios.(More)
Recently, the Android platform has seen its number of malicious applications increased sharply. Motivated by the easy application submission process and the number of alternative market places for distributing Android applications, rogue authors are developing constantly new malicious programs. While current anti-virus software mainly relies on signature(More)
This paper considers the monitoring of large volumes of IP flow records, typically encountered on large ISP backbone/edge routers. The approach described in our paper aims to detect relevant flow records, where relevancy is related to overall traffic activity and associated applications. The core contribution of the paper consists in a dependency graph that(More)
Voice over IP (VoIP) or telephony services over Internet announces a new revolution in the telecommunication world tor its management simplicity and cost reduction. VoIP security extends the existent risk range of IP protocols and infrastructures and introduces new attacks as well. Threats identification and standardization, secure signaling and media(More)
VoIP has become a major application of multimedia communications over IP. Many initiatives around the world focus on the detection of attacks against VoIP services and infrastructures. Because of the lack of a common labeled data-set similarly to what is available in TCP/IP network-based intrusion detection, their results can not be compared. VoIP providers(More)
The Internet has grown into an enormous network offering a variety of services, which are spread over a multitude of domains. BGP-routing and Autonomous Systems (AS) are the key components for maintaining high connectivity in the Internet. Unfortunately, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operating ASs do not only host normal users and content, but also(More)
While security is often supported in standard management frameworks, it has been insufficiently approached in most deployment and research initiatives. In this paper we address the provisioning of a security “continuum” for management frameworks based on XML/SNMP gateways. We provide an in depth security extension of such a gateway using the Role Based(More)