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AIMS Orthodromic atrioventricular reentrant tachycardia (ORT) is the most common arrhythmia at electrophysiological study (EPS) in patients with pre-excitation. The purpose of the study was to determine the clinical significance and the electrophysiological characteristics of patients with inducible antidromic tachycardia (ADT). METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
BACKGROUND Syncope in Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (WPW) is without relationship with WPW or reveals a poorly tolerated arrhythmia. Electrophysiologic study (EPS) is recommended. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the influence of the patient's age on the causes and prognosis of syncope. METHODS A total of 98 patients, mean age 35 ± 18 years, with(More)
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