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The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming a more available and popular way of communication for the Internet users. This also applies to the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems and merging these two have already proven to be successful (e.g. Skype). Even the existing standards of VoIP provide an assurance of security and Quality of Service (QoS), however,(More)
  • Paul G. Micl, Radu Lupu, Sorin A. Dumitrescu, Ana Bobirc
forms the centerpiece of EU climate change policy. Within the new trading system, the right to emit a particular amount of CO2 becomes a tradable commodity-called EU Allowances. We test the AR(1)-GARCH(1,1) model on these young markets and analyze the impact of National Allocation Plans announcements on carbon prices, by applying an event study methodology(More)
The importance of Central and Eastern European (CEE) stock markets grew after 1990 as they were gradually used as diversification instruments for the foreign investors as well as due to the general expectation of their integration within the European capital market. This development generated an increasing body of literature issued with the aim to analyze(More)
UNLABELLED Remote monitoring of chronic diseases can improve health outcomes and potentially lower health care costs. The high number of the patients, suffering of chronically diseases, who wish to stay at home rather then in a hospital increasing the need of homecare monitoring and have lead to a high demand of wearable medical devices. Also, extended(More)
The policies and the behavior of the governments have a powerful impact on the in-<lb>vestment climate, reflecting itself on the costs, resources and tariff and non-tariff barriers that a devel-<lb>oping company comes across. Governments are responsible for the way in which, through the policies<lb>they promote, they support companies in their development.(More)
UNLABELLED In the world the road traffic accidents are in the 3rd place at WHO cause-of-death statistics. One of the main causes of these accidents is driving fatigue as results of stress. The aim of this study is to monitoring the heart rate variability for identifying the grade of stress of the drivers. MATERIAL AND METHOD For this stage of the study we(More)
1 Summary On the background of security and mobility being issues of growing importance in Next Generation Internet, this Euro-NGI deliverable D.JRA.6.3.1 presents an overview of security concepts especially in wireless and mobile contexts. Threats, incidents and consequences are presented, and requirements, policies and their implementations are discussed.(More)
This paper further refines the architecture and design, introduced in a previous work on the management and control, of the IEEE 802.16/WiMAX access in a multi-domain chain of IP core networks. The high level objective is to manage end-to-end connectivity services in an integrated way, at overlay level, assuring guaranteed QoS for multimedia delivery over(More)
Explosive development of multimedia services in actual data networks and the increasing demand for service quality stimulate the interest in the QoS management research. In order to ensure the service quality for multimedia flows crossing heterogeneous domains several resource management entities should cooperate to fulfill this task. In this paper we will(More)