Radu Jasinschi

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We introduce a mobile system that is able to detect arousal in realtime based on electrocardiogram and electrodermal activity. The system is using an Android smartphone and wearable sensors, which include a smart watch and a heart rate belt that gather skin conductance and heart rate data, respectively. Algorithms for processing the skin conductance and(More)
People affected by the loss of short term memory and cognitive impairment have serious difficulties in communication. This may lead to social isolation and lack of community access, a fundamental key barrier to independence for people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, the most common form of memory and cognitive impairment. We propose Automated Memory(More)
The perception of luminance transparency for superimposed patterns depends on how luminance, figural, and topological conditions are simultaneously satisfied. Motion transparency or coherence for two superimposed patterns, which correspond to the perception of both patterns moving across one another or to the perception of compound motion of the regions of(More)
A number of people have contributed in various ways to helping me develop and formulate the ideas presented in my dissertation. My deepest thanks go to Prof. Yiannis Aloimonos who introduced me to the eld of active, qualitative vision and to motion analysis, who taught me the secrets of pursuing scientiic research, and who encouraged me throughout the(More)
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