Radu Dondera

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We present the design, implementation, and initial results of a system for remote lecture attendance based on extending on-campus classrooms to accommodate remotely located students. A remote student is modeled with a real-time video sprite. The sprites are integrated into a geometric model that provides a virtual extension of the classroom. The virtual(More)
We propose an interactive video segmentation system built on the basis of occlusion and long term spatio-temporal structure cues. User supervision is incorporated in a superpixel graph clustering framework that differs crucially from prior art in that it modifies the graph according to the output of an occlusion boundary detector. Working with long temporal(More)
We propose a learning-based method for detecting carried objects that generates candidate image regions from protrusion, color contrast and occlusion boundary cues, and uses a classifier to filter out the regions unlikely to be carried objects. The method achieves higher accuracy than state of the art, which can only detect protrusions from the human shape,(More)
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