Radu Constantin Vlad

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A global increase in temperature could potentially increase the trees’ growth at high altitude and decrease at low altitude. Another immediate consequence would be an increase of the altitude threshold where the inversion of tree growth response to temperature occurs. The first network of 18 tree-ring chronologies of Norway spruce (Picea abies) from the(More)
Boosting large-scale superconductor applications require nanostructured conductors with artificial pinning centres immobilizing quantized vortices at high temperature and magnetic fields. Here we demonstrate a highly effective mechanism of artificial pinning centres in solution-derived high-temperature superconductor nanocomposites through generation of(More)
The paper reports the results obtained in the complexometric determination of Bi(3+), Fe(3+) and Cr(3+) by using an Hg(2+)-sensitive membrane-electrode for the end-point indication. The determination of Bi(3+) and Fe(3+) is performed after addition of mercuric complexonate from which these cations release Hg(2+) by means of which the electrode senses the(More)
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