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There are many studies that investigate indirect and direct fracture healing but few mention the effect of periosteum stripping on consolidation of fractures. Most of these studies use only one method of osteosynthesis for each group. Therefore, we reported a new developed murine model in order to assess if limited periosteum stripping influence(More)
Introduction: A hallmark of sepsis is early onset microvascular dysfunction. However, the mechanism responsible for maldistribution of capillary blood flow is not understood. Evidence suggests red blood cells (RBC) can sense local oxygen (O2) conditions and signal the vasculature, via adenosine triphosphate (ATP), to increase capillary flow. We hypothesized(More)
Progressive esophageal carcinoma can infiltrate the surrounding tissues with subsequent development of a fistula, most commonly between the esophagus and the respiratory tract. The endoscopic placement of covered self-expanding metallic stents (SEMS) is the treatment of choice for malignant esophageal fistulas and should be performed immediately, as a(More)
Unfortunately, the original version of this supplement [1] contained errors in two of the abstracts; P037 and P127. Please see details below. In P037, the image presented as Figure eight is incorrect. The correct figure is shown below (Fig. 1). In P127, the author list presented is incorrect. The correct author list is as below. R Iqbal; Y Alhamdi; N(More)
BACKGROUND Snakebite is a health issue specific to some parts of the world, especially in the tropical areas, where it produces many victims. The main clinical damage caused by snakebite involves haemotoxic, neurotoxic and myotoxic reactions. We report the case of a young woman suffering from snakebite who developed deep vein thrombosis and compartment(More)
1 Department of Gastroenterology, Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania 2 Department of Radiology, Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania 3 ICU-Toxicology Department, Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania Corresponding author: Madalina Ilie Department of Gastroenterology, Clinical Emergency Hospital, 8th Floreasca Avenue, 1st(More)
Mercury exposure is a serious environmental issue that concerns people worldwide. Industrial emissions containing mercury, some pharmaceutical and cosmetic products represent exposure sources. In Romania, as in many other countries, a supplementary cause for mercury exposure is represented by various occult rituals where liquids containing mercury are(More)
Case report A 26 year-old female presented for deliberate ingestion of 200 mg benzodiazepine associated with 500 mg metoprololum and she was admitted in our Toxicology Intensive Care Unit one hour following the ingestion. Clinical evaluation showed a conscious patient, mildly agitated, with stable vital signs and unusual hyperosmia. She also had a history(More)
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