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Remote monitoring of chronic diseases can improve health outcomes and potentially lower health care costs. The present work refers to the data transmittance and processing, as it is to be implemented in an eHealth monitoring system dedicated to pregnant women with chronically diseases. Alongside a software application and correspondent hardware, it provides(More)
Hysteresis is often present in strain-stress curves that describe the mechanical properties of the blood vessels. In this paper we propose to use the Maxwell-slip model in order to describe the hysteresis curve in aorta and other blood vessels. An optimization method for parameters of the Maxwell-slip model using variable length genotype adapted for(More)
UNLABELLED In this paper, we present a proposal for the design of a telemedicine system. The system (called SIMPA) will be used for noninvasive monitoring of some vital parameters of patients with chronic diseases. MATERIAL AND METHODS The telemedicine system contains a fixed unit and some mobile units. The mobile unit contains various sensors used to(More)
The multi-objective optimization problem could be generally formulated as minimization of vector objectives subject to a number of constraints and bounds. Among the non-derivative problems, genetic algorithms have been proved to be a good solution in addressing ill-posed problem. We applied the multi-objective optimization to fuzzy controller design in(More)
In many medical fields the recovery of muscular activity or its improvement up to the level of the optimal parameters is required. Apart from the classical solution for rehabilitation (physical exercises) the use of electrical stimulation has become quite frequent of late. The paper presents an interface that detects the electromyographic (EMG) activity,(More)
Electrical impedance method has found utility in many fields of medical research, but the old instrumentation can be expensive to use and complicated to build. Advancements in electronic component design and equipment allow a bioimpedance analysis using a simple medical device. The aim of this work is to design a medical device which estimates the blood(More)
UNLABELLED In the world the road traffic accidents are in the 3rd place at WHO cause-of-death statistics. One of the main causes of these accidents is driving fatigue as results of stress. The aim of this study is to monitoring the heart rate variability for identifying the grade of stress of the drivers. MATERIAL AND METHOD For this stage of the study we(More)
UNLABELLED Remote monitoring of chronic diseases can improve health outcomes and potentially lower health care costs. The high number of the patients, suffering of chronically diseases, who wish to stay at home rather then in a hospital increasing the need of homecare monitoring and have lead to a high demand of wearable medical devices. Also, extended(More)
Using a variable frequency drive (VFD) in order to drive the vacuum pump of a milking machine allows a dramatic reduction in energy use, while still producing equivalent vacuum stability. The VFD technology is able to adjust the rate of air removal from the milking system by changing the speed of the vacuum pump motor. A PID controller was developed in(More)