Radu Arsinte

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The LPC-MPE synthesis method is an alternative method used for obtaining a better quality of the generated vocal signal, that can be easily implemented in vocal signal coding-decoding systems. Using the method in text-to-speech systems is more difficult because of the modification that must be done on the synthesized vocal signal in order to superimpose(More)
This paper draws a proposal of a set of parameters and methods for accuracy evaluation of visual inspection systems. The case of a monochrome board is treated ,but practically all conclusions and methods may be extended for colour acquisition. Basically, the proposed parameters are grouped in five sets as follows:Internal noise;Video ADC cuantisation(More)
are analyzed, which will be transmitted to a Linux VLC client through means of the aggregation and access servers. The first stream is generated in real time by a capture camera, processed by the encapsulated VC-1 encoder and sent to the Media Server, while the second one is of VoD(Video on Demand) type and the third one will be handled by DVBViewer through(More)
This paper present the mathematical fundaments and experimental study of an algorithm used to find the optimal position for the camera lens to obtain a maximum of details. This information can be further applied to a appropriate system to automatically correct this position .The algorithm is based on the evaluation of a so call " resolution function " who(More)
—The paper presents an overview of the main methods used to improve the efficiency of DVB systems, based on multiplexing, through a study on the impact of the multiplexing methods used in DVB, having as a final goal a better usage of the data capacity and the possibility to insert new services into the original DVB Transport Stream. This study revealed that(More)
– This paper presents some experiments regarding applications development on high performance media processors included in Philips Nexperia Family. The PNX1302 dedicated DVB-T kit used has some limitations. Our work has succeeded to overcome these limitations and to make possible a general-purpose use of this kit. For exemplification two typical(More)
This paper describes an experimental system designed for development of real time voice synthesis applications. The system is composed from a DSP coprocessor card , equipped with an TMS320C25 or TMS320C50 chip, voice acquisition module (ADDA2) ,host computer (IBM-PC compatible), software specific tools. Theoretical base of digital processing techniques for(More)