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This paper draws a proposal of a set of parameters and methods for accuracy evaluation of visual inspection systems. The case of a monochrome board is treated ,but practically all conclusions and methods may be extended for colour acquisition. Basically, the proposed parameters are grouped in five sets as follows:Internal noise;Video ADC cuantisation(More)
This paper presents the basic concepts in industrial video acquisition boards evaluation. The testing procedure is focused on real accuracy test (SNR measurements) and was applied to evaluate two main chipsets used in modern applications: Philips SAA713x and Conexant (Bt8xx and CX2338x). Simple programs developed to evaluate the accuracy performance are(More)
– This paper presents a study of audio-video streaming using the additional possibilities of a DVB-S card. The board used for experiments (Technisat SkyStar 2) is one of the most frequently used cards for this purpose. Using the main blocks of the board's software support it is possible the implement a really useful and full functional system for(More)
The paper is proposing a study and practical experiments of testing methods in digital television, transmitted in Digital Video Broadcasting standard. The main objective of the research presented in this paper was to establish if the testing tools designed and validated for DVB-S, are useable to evaluate DVB-S2. This is important in educational environments(More)
Automatic visual inspection is one of the primary applications of computer vision. Machine vision inspection requires efficient processing time and accurate results. In order to achieve efficiency and accuracy with a reasonable cost , it is important to choose the right architecture of the system.The paper presents the choices and a concrete architecture of(More)
This paper presents some aspects related to test process of an advanced video system used in remote IP surveillance. The system is based on a Pentium compatible architecture using the industrial standard PC104+. First the overall architecture of the system is presented , involving both hardware or software aspects. The acquisition board which is developed(More)
The LPC-MPE synthesis method is an alternative method used for obtaining a better quality of the generated vocal signal, that can be easily implemented in vocal signal coding-decoding systems. Using the method in text-to-speech systems is more difficult because of the modification that must be done on the synthesized vocal signal in order to superimpose(More)
—The paper presents an overview of the main methods used to improve the efficiency of DVB systems, based on multiplexing, through a study on the impact of the multiplexing methods used in DVB, having as a final goal a better usage of the data capacity and the possibility to insert new services into the original DVB Transport Stream. This study revealed that(More)
Today's enhanced format of LCD panels both in resolution and in color depth, continuously needs enhancing of high-speed interfaces for video data content transport. The paper presents some options present today in this field. The paper presents also an implementation using a 12 " LCD panel in public transport infotainment. This implementation is based on(More)