Radovan Doleček

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The paper deals with analysis of dynamic behavior of a feedback flux weakening control of PMSM traction drive for light vehicles. The PMSM flux weakening is very important for traction drives. Two torque control structures were analyzed pure feedback control and feedback control with prediction of the field producing current component. The principles,(More)
This paper analyses control algorithm for permanent magnet synchronous traction motor (traction PMSM) usable for light rail vehicle. The algorithm is based on field oriented control. The field oriented control and carrier based pulse width modulation allow simply implementation of flux weakening control algorithm. The flux weakening provides wider speed(More)
The paper dealt with the research focused on the problems of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - disturbing effects of traction drive with permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) which is used as a wheel drive for wheel multi-axle vehicle. The simulation mathematical models representing the vehicle with four PMSM drives are utilized in this research.(More)
The paper deals with research of sturdy control algorithm for traction drive with permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). Two design algorithms are described here. First algorithm is control of phase currents which are based on control of instantaneous value of current for all phases of motor. Second algorithm is represented by control of phase currents(More)
The papers deals with a design of a Time-Difference of Arrival (TDOA)system for a subscriber station localisation inside buildings or in a dense urban environment, based on the 802.11b standard wireless network. Thus, a new algorithm is proposed using received signals decomposition to a set of delayed replicas. The dominant components TDOApsilas could then(More)
The paper deals with the significant results of the experimental research of the harmonic spectrum of currents and induced voltages at traction drive with permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). The experiments were done in a special workplace with a real traction drive for wheel vehicles. The harmonic spectrums of currents were analyzed by a(More)
The real-time computation of cross ambiguity function (CAF) using brute force and block processing methods is a challenging task for parallel programming techniques. CAF is a key function for successful location tracking by passive radar systems. In this paper, the comparison of CAF methods computation and using a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) are(More)
Cross ambiguity function (CAF) is the key function for successful location tracking for passive radar systems. This paper describes several methods of the CAF based on block processing. The computation time of the CAF is a challenging problem for parallel programming techniques. In this paper the CAF is computed with Multi-core and Cluster approaches.