Radouane Ait Jellal

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This paper mainly covers the development of a fuzzy controller and a robust embedded visual system to follow a ground robot target by an indoor blimp robot. The presented control strategy is based on the visual information given by embedded computer vision. To realize the autonomous ground target following, an efficient vision-based object detection and(More)
We propose a fast algorithm for computing stereo correspondences and correcting the mismatches. The correspondences are computed using stereo block matching and refined with a depth-aware method. We compute 16 disparities at the same time using SSE instructions. We evaluated our method on the Middlebury benchmark and obtained promosing results for practical(More)
We present LS-ELAS, a line segment extension to the ELAS algorithm, which increases the performance and robustness. LS-ELAS is a binocular dense stereo matching algorithm, which computes the disparities in constant time for most of the pixels in the image and in linear time for a small subset of the pixels (support points). Our approach is based on line(More)
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