Radoslaw Wróbel

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Ceria submonolayers consisting of nanosized 2D islands on a Cu(1 1 1) surface have been prepared by oxidation of the nucleating Ce submonolayer (0.7 ML) and characterized using XPS and STM. The reducibility of the resulting well-defined CeO 2Àx /Cu(1 1 1) model system of the ''inverse supported catalyst " type was studied by XPS using CO as reducing agent.(More)
A well-defined CeO x /Pt(1 1 1) model catalytic system has been fabricated using the self-assembling of Ce adatoms on a Pt(1 1 1) surface with a subsequent oxidation of the nucleating Ce submonolayer (0.3 ML). The resulting system of the ''inverse supported catalyst'' type consists of CeO x nanoformations (2D islands of 5–15 nm size and $0.3 nm in height)(More)
A number of significant scientific studies have confirmed the health benefits of honey. Due to the high price of natural honey, it is a common target for adulteration which reduces its medicinal value. Adulteration detection methods require specific laboratory equipment and are very expensive. The development of measurement techniques enables the(More)
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