Radoslaw Oldakowski

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Using Semantic Web technologies in the domain of online recruitment could substantially increase market transparency, lower the transaction costs for employers, and change the business models of the intermediaries involved. In this paper, we describe how online recruitment processes can be streamlined using Semantic Web technologies. We analyze the(More)
The current discussion about a future Semantic Web trust architecture is focused on reputational trust mechanisms based on explicit trust ratings. What is often overlooked is the fact that, besides of ratings, huge parts of the application-specific data published on the Semantic Web are also trust relevant and therefore can be used for flexible,(More)
In our research we explore the benefits resulting from the application of Semantic Web technologies in the recruitment domain. We use currently available standards and classifications to develop a human resource ontology which gives us means for semantic annotation of job postings and applications. Furthermore, we outline the process of semantic matching(More)
The realization of the Semantic Web as a linked machine readable Web of data depends on the availability of authoring tools that enable ordinary Web users (i.e. non-experts w.r.t. Web technologies) to create and publish semantic data. In this paper, we introduce the " One Click Annotator " for enriching texts with RDFa annotations and linking resources(More)
Corporate Semantic Web aims at bringing semantic technologies to enterprises for gaining, managing, and utilizing knowledge as one of the critical resources for their success in a quickly changing and highly competitive world. It provides solutions in three main application areas for semantic technologies, namely semantic engineering, semantic search, and(More)
In ordertobeadopted within corporate environments,Semantic Web applications must providet angible short-/medium-term gains. Although corporateS emantic Webo fferse nterprises newp ossibilities for enhanced integration of heterogeneous business data,i nformation discovery, and advanced automation of tasks, acost-benefit analysis is in anycaseessential.In(More)
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