Radoslaw L. Michalowski

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Keywords: Acoustic emission Conductive concrete Crack detection Damage sensing Earthquake engineering Electrical sensing Large-scale test Magnetic sensing Permanent ground deformation Segmental concrete pipeline a b s t r a c t This paper describes results of an experimental study that used sensing methods for monitoring damage along segmental concrete(More)
While computational tools have made most graphical methods and charts obsolete, stability charts for slopes are still routinely used in practice. The charts presented here are based on the kinematic approach of limit analysis that leads to a strict lower bound on stability number c/␥H or an upper bound on the safety factor. An earlier suggestion is employed(More)
This paper describes the potential of wireless sensing networks to improve geotechnical field monitoring and the use of wireless sensors in two ongoing geotechnical research projects. Both studies are Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Research (NEESR) projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The first project focuses on the(More)
The widely used Jaky coefficient of earth pressure at rest, K 0 , is revisited. It is demonstrated that this coefficient was derived from an analysis of the stress state in a sand prism that yields an unrealistic stress field. It is also surprising that the at rest stress state is represented as a function of the limit state parameter ͑internal friction(More)
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