Radoslaw Adamus

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Stack-Based Query Language (SBQL) is a model query and programming language for a wide family of object-oriented database models. SBQL is the result of investigations into a uniform theoretical and conceptual basis for object-oriented query languages integrated with programming capabilities and abstractions, including database abstractions: updatable views,(More)
The paper presents a solution of the problem of wrapping relational databases to an object-oriented business model in the data grid architecture. The main problem with this kind of wrappers is how to utilize the native SQL query optimizer, which in majority of RDBMS is transparent for the users. In our solution we use the stack-based approach to query(More)
The paper addresses the problem of integrating data based on a XML-like semistructured model with a data grid architecture based on an object-oriented model. This work is continuation of the previous works on object-to-relational wrappers and covers a generic integrationp rocedure for utilizing a native Lore query mechanism f or retrieving data from X ML(More)