Radoslava Bakalova

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It has been investigated the level of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status of blood plasma from patients operated under general anaesthesia with propofol (Diprivan). The following parameters have been registered: TBA-reactive substances (TBARS) and fluorescent lipofuscine-like lipid peroxidation products, before, directly after and 24 hours after(More)
We measured the field potential and the changes in local cerebral blood flow (LCBF) response during somatosensory activation (evoked LCBF) in alpha-chloralose--anesthetized rats by laser-Doppler flowmetry under normocapnia (PaCO(2)=34.3+/-3.8 mmHg) and hypercapnia (PaCO(2)=70.1+/-9.8 mmHg). Somatosensory activation was induced by electrical stimulation(More)
The level of lipid peroxidation products in the sera of patients with acute peritonitis and clinically healthy blood donors are studied. An increase in the level of TBA-reactive substances is documented in the acute peritonitis group--twice as high as compared to clinically healthy blood donors. Changes in the patients in toxic and terminal phases of(More)
The effect of buffer type and pH, used in thymol test, was studied. Three methods for standardization of the test were compared via 5 kinds of reaking devices. The effect of bilirubinemia and environment on the results obtained was studied. The normal values of the test were determined under standard conditions in 688 healthy subjects, both sexes and all(More)
The behaviour of plasminogen (PLg) and plasminogen proactivator (PPLg) and some currently employed enzyme parameters were prospectively studied in 1047 subjects, of whom: 748 patients with liver diseases and jaundice; 52 tumor patients and 247 healthy persons. The patients with parenchymal liver diseases showed significantly reduced PLg and PPLg activity in(More)