Radoslav Miličević

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Starch has been an inexhaustible subject of research for many decades. It is an inexpensive, readily-available material with extensive application in the food and processing industry. Researchers are continually trying to improve its properties by different modification procedures and expand its application. What is mostly applied in this view are their(More)
Original scientific paper Pear brandy is one of the most desirable alcoholic beverages across Europe. But of all varieties, the most appreciated is Bartlett pear or Williams’s pear as it is better known. The purpose of this work was to create an objective evaluation of the influence of various construction forms of pot still, (alembic, pot and spheric) on(More)
INTRODUCTION Podoplanin is a cell-surface glycoprotein constitutively expressed in the brain and implicated in human brain tumorigenesis. The intrinsic function of podoplanin in brain neurons remains however uncharacterized. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using an established podoplanin-knockout mouse model and electrophysiological, biochemical, and behavioral(More)
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