Radomir Kovacević

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During the NATO air strikes on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) in 1999, depleted-uranium ammunition was used on 112 locations, mainly Kosovo, in the south of Serbia, and one location in Montenegro. Blood samples of residents from depleted-uranium-contaminated areas were gathered and blood cell and chromosomal aberrations were(More)
We have found that the metabolism of 5-hydroxytryptamine increases in the hippocampus and that the metabolism of dopamine decreases in the striatum and thalamus during slow-wave sleep, and we suggest that these changes are related to this stage of sleep. We have also found that the concentration of dopamine increases in the hippocampus during slow-wave(More)
From September 1991 to December 1992, during the war in Croatia, the General Hospital in Slavonski Brod served as an evacuation centre. During that period 197 patients with war-related penetrating craniocerebral injuries were admitted. They were analyzed according to wound characteristics, operability, mortality, operative and post-operative complications,(More)
Chez le rat adulte on a étudié l'effet de la réduction de la durée du sommeil sur la succession de ses différents stades. On a trouvé que la réduction de la durée totale du sommeil avait provoqué la réorganisation du profil veille-sommeil et de même l'augmentation des pointes au niveau des noyaux géniculés latéraux au cours du sommeil paradoxal aussi bien(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in pediatric populations is high. In the present study we analyzed associations between vitamin D therapy and pain, mobility, fatigue, and daily functioning in children with musculoskeletal/orthopedic conditions suffering from chronic and recurrent pain, but also diagnosed with vitamin D(More)
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is a highly malignant cancer. Over the last two decades, prognosis for RMS patients has significantly improved, with the exception of those in the high-risk group. In order to identify new prognostic factors, we investigated the expression of nestin in RMS cells and its correlation with clinicopathological features and patient(More)
There is discussion of a peripylonic cyst of the kidney as a very rare disease difficult to diagnose before operation. A cyst is most frequently as an expansive kidney process i.e. kidney tumor. Demonstrating the diagnostic procedures, the authors, by presentation of one of 3 cases, evaluate the value of each procedure separately and stress that the(More)
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