Radomil Matousek

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— The concept of PID controllers (proportional integral derivative) belongs to the most frequently used principles of controlling in industrial and non-industrial applications. The process of setting of PID controller can be determined as optimization task. Requiring optimal settings of PID controller we can specify more goals of optimization which are(More)
The present article deals with a performance comparison of the Rapidly-exploring Random Tree (RRT) and Dijkstra's algorithm for the path planning of omnidirectional holonomic robots in known environments with static obstacles. The surveyed problem is applicable for a number of general 2D applications. It presents a unique implementation of the given problem(More)
Motion planning is essential part in robotics science; it is responsible for planning paths for robots. The robot follow this plan in order to reach the goal from its position, while avoid collision with obstacles. Planning modules could be configured to check the optimality, completeness, power saving, shortness of path, minimal number of turn, or the turn(More)