Radj A. Baldewsing

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Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) elastography visualizes local radial strain of arteries in so-called elastograms to detect rupture-prone plaques. However, due to the unknown arterial stress distribution these elastograms cannot be directly interpreted as a morphology and material composition image. To overcome this limitation we have developed a method that(More)
AIMS At present, an invasive pressure flow study is recommended to diagnose urinary bladder outlet obstruction. This method induces the risk of urinary tract infection and urethral trauma. We studied perineal noise recording as an alternative, non-invasive diagnostic method in three flexible/extensible model urethras and two silicone tubes. METHODS The(More)
The rupture of thin-cap fibroatheroma (TCFA) plaques is a major cause of acute coronary events. A TCFA has a trombogenic soft lipid core, shielded from the blood stream by a thin, possibly inflamed, stiff cap. The majority of atherosclerotic plaques resemble a TCFA in terms of overall structural composition, but have a more complex, heterogeneous(More)
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