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The study presents the epidemiological features of patients treated with renal replacement therapy (RRT) in Serbia from 1997 to 2009 and compares the results of hemodialysis treatment in 1999 and 2009. Epidemiological data were obtained from the National Registry of RRT patients and data on hemodialysis treatment from special surveys conducted in 1999 and(More)
Maintenance hemodialysis (HD) in Yugoslavia started in the sixties and followed the dialysis trends in the Western Europe. However, in the last decade the development of renal replacement therapy (RRT) slowed down. In this report the epidemiology of ESRD from 1997-1999 and the survey of the status of HD treatment in Yugoslavia in 1999 are presented.(More)
Injury to the brachial artery and the nerve trunks, accompanying supra- and peri-condylar humerus fractures, occurs in children particularly in seriously dislocated fractures of Baumann Type II and III. Prompt treatment aims at avoiding late sequelae, especially ischaemic muscle contracture. Based on 6 of our own cases, the significance of brachial artery(More)
5% of the working population of the Federal Republic of Germany are suffering from a postthrombotic syndrome. Reconstructive venous surgery is only beginning to make progress as regards technique and number of cases. Over a period of four years and among a total of 2,000 cases of vascular surgery, there were only 112 operations on the venous system.(More)
Between the 1st of July 1971 and the 31st of December 1974, among 1,459 operations on vascular surgery, we carried out 77 thoracic sympathectomies in 46 patients. In most patients there was an oblitering angiopathie of digital type, stage II to IV, confirmed by angiography. Two patients had mixed type obstructions, two others had hyperhidrosis, one patient(More)
Age and accumulation of risk factors in patients with arterial occlusive diseases in Fontaine's Stages III and IV do not always permit direct vascular reconstruction. A further indication for prosthetic bypass procedures is given by local infections following vascular surgical interventions, severe damage to soft parts after traumata and radiotherapy, and(More)
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