Radivoje S. Popovic

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In this article, a fully integrated single photon detector including a silicon avalanche photodiode and a quenching circuit is presented. The low doping concentrations, inherent to the complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor ͑CMOS͒ high-voltage technology used, favor the absorption of red and infrared photons at the depletion region. The detection(More)
—A two-dimensional (2-D) array (4 by 8) of single-photon avalanche diodes integrated in an industrial complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) process is presented. Each pixel combines a photodiode biased above its breakdown voltage in the so-called Geiger mode, a quenching resistor, and a simple comparator. The pitch between the pixels is 75 m and(More)
An optical imager is reported based on single photon avalanche diodes. The imager, fabricated in 0.8 ␮m CMOS technology, consists of an array of 1024 pixels each with an area of 58 ␮m × 58 ␮m for a total chip area of 2.5 mm × 2.8 mm. The architecture of the imager is reduced to a minimum since no A/D converter is required. Moreover, since the output of each(More)
In this paper we report on a 32x32 optical imager based on single photon avalanche diodes integrated in CMOS technology. The maximum measured dynamic range is 120dB and the minimum noise equivalent intensity is 1.3x10-3 lx. The minimum integration time per pixel is 4µs. The output of each pixel is digital, thereby requiring no complex read-out circuitry, no(More)
of thin film transition metal sificides, " 1 Electrochem. analysis and measurement technique for distributed R C structures. II. Impulse measurement techniques, " Abstract–We present a novel, fully integrated magnetic field sensor made in the standard, polysilicon-gate CMOS technology. The circuit shows a sensitivity of 1.2 V/T with 10 V supply voltage and(More)
—An innovative release method of polymer cantilevers with embedded integrated metal electrodes is presented. device sensitivity of 0.05 V/AT and a minimum detectable magnetic flux density of 9 T/Hz 1 2 at frequencies above 1 kHz at room temperature. Quantitative magnetic field measurements of a microcoil were performed. The generic method allows for a(More)
—The first commercially available teslameter with a fully integrated three-axis Hall probe is described. The Hall probe chip contains horizontal and vertical Hall elements, analog electronics , and a synchronization circuit. A horizontal Hall element measures the perpendicular component, and two vertical Hall devices measure the two in-plane components of a(More)
– The new digital teslameter system incorporates a 3-axis Hall probe, analog electronics based on the spinning-current technique, 24-bit analog-to-digital converter, computer, and 7-digit touch-screen display. The Hall probe is a single silicon chip with monolithically integrated horizontal and vertical Hall magnetic sensors and a temperature sensor. The(More)
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