Radim Hosek

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The goal of the DIRAC experiment at CERN (PS212) is to measure the π+π− atom lifetime with 10% precision. Such a measurement would yield a precision of 5% on the value of the S-wave ππ scattering lengths combination |a0 − a2|. Based on part of the collected data we present a first result on the lifetime, τ = [2.91+0.49 −0.62] × 10−15 s, and discuss the(More)
We derive an a priori error estimate for the numerical solution obtained by time and space dis-cretization by the finite volume/finite element method of the barotropic Navier–Stokes equations. The numerical solution on a convenient polyhedral domain approximating a sufficiently smooth bounded domain is compared with an exact solution of the barotropic(More)
Screening programs, such as annual mammography, are undertaken to reduce mortality and/or morbidity from chronic diseases such as cancer. Matched case-control studies have been used to assess the effectiveness of screening programs because of their relative simplicity and low cost. In such studies, the exposure history for controls consists of the number of(More)
We propose a mixed finite volume finite element numerical method for solving the full Navier-Stokes-Fourier system describing the motion of a compressible, viscous, and heat conducting fluid. The physical domain occupied by the fluid has smooth boundary and it is approximated by a family of polyhedral numerical domains. Convergence and stability of the(More)