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Main objective of this paper is to outline possibleways how to achieve a substantial acceleration in caseof advection-diffusion equation (A-DE) calculation,which is commonly used for a description of thepollutant behavior in atmosphere. A-DE is a kind ofpartial differential equation (PDE) and in general caseit is usually solved by numerical integration due(More)
This paper deals with the biometric recognition of 3D faces with the emphasis on the low-cost depth sensors; such are Microsoft Kinect and SoftKinetic DS325. The presented approach is based on the score-levelf usion of individual recognition units. Each unit processes the input face mesh and produces acurvature, depth, or texture representation. This image(More)
One of underused biometric methods is the face recognition based on thermal images. Nevertheless, in the applications such as liveness detection or fever scan, the thermal face recognition is used as a standalone module, or as a part of a multimodal biometric system. This article presents an overview and comparison of various statistical methods for thermal(More)
In this paper, we present an approach to numerical solution of a model that simulates the process of pollutant dispersion in the planetary boundary layer. The foundation of model itself comes from the current research of a wind and diffusion modeling. From a technical point of view it is described by the advection-diffusion equation in two dimensions - the(More)
This paper deals with a new approach for detection of finger veins. The method is split into four subsequent steps. The first of them consists of basic series of image filtering of the vein pattern and the other three are sequences of image filters for determination of the finger contour used for the background masking. At the end the finger veins with(More)
Main objective of this paper is to outline possible ways how to achieve a substantial acceleration in case of advection-diffusion equation (A-DE) calculation, which is commonly used for a description of the pollutant behavior in atmosphere. A-DE is a kind of partial differential equation (PDE) and in general case it is usually solved by numerical(More)
This paper deals with numerical approach to modeling of atmospheric dispersion of pollutant caused by a point source. The modeling of a pollution in the atmosphere has a long history and has gone throw great improvements over the last century. Two main methods can be distinguished from the modeling point of view: the analytical and the numerical methods.(More)
In this paper, there is introduced an approach to surface reconstruction of an object captured by one grayscale camera with a small resolution. The proposed solution expects a rectangular grid being projected onto the object and the camera capturing the situation from position different to the grid projector position. The crucial part of the method is exact(More)
Der Artikel beschreibt die herkömmlichen Methoden für Personenerkennung mittels Handgeometrie, Vergleich der Methoden und ein Konzept eines neuen Verfahrens, welches auf den vorherigen Erfahrungen basiert. Das Verfahren orientiert sich an einer geeigneten Beleuchtungsmethode für die einfachste, schnellste und genaueste geometrische Erfassung der(More)