Radim Baca

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Multi-dimensional data structures have been widely applied in many data management fields. Spatial data indexing is their natural application, however there are many applications in different domain fields. When a compression of these data structures is considered, we follow two objectives. The first objective is a smaller index file, the second one is a(More)
Data compression has been widely applied in many data processing areas. Compression methods use variable-length codes with the shorter codes assigned to symbols or groups of symbols that appear in the data frequently. There exist many coding algorithms, e.g. Elias-delta codes, Fibonacci codes and other variable-length codes which are often applied to(More)
XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) has been embraced as a new approach to data modeling. Nowadays, more and more information is formatted as semi-structured data, e.g., articles in a digital library, documents on the web, and so on. Implementation of an efficient system enabling storage and querying of XML documents requires development of new techniques.(More)
Multidimensional data structures have become very popular in recent years. Their importance lies in efficient indexing of data, which have naturally multidimensional characteristics like navigation data, drawing specifications etc. The R-tree is a well-known structure based on the bounding of spatial near points by rectangles. Although efficient query(More)