Radia Abdul Wahab

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur from physical trauma from a wide spectrum of insults ranging from explosions to falls. The biomechanics of the trauma can vary in key features, including the rate and magnitude of the insult. Although the effect of peak injury pressure on neurological outcome has been examined in the fluid percussion injury (FPI)(More)
BACKGROUND Injury to the brain can occur from a variety of physical insults and the degree of disability can greatly vary from person to person. It is likely that injury outcome is related to the biomechanical parameters of the traumatic event such as magnitude, direction and speed of the forces acting on the head. NEW METHOD To model variations in the(More)
As mobile adhoc networks operate with nodes carrying small amount of energy, reducing energy consumption is a major issue in adhoc networks. The paper discusses a protocol along with its implementation which incorporates Artificial intelligence search techniques, namely A* search and Dijkstra’s algorithm to reduce the distance traversed by both the data and(More)
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