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The data on the glycinergic transmission in the rostral brainstem are both few and controversial. The present report provides evidence for a possible glycinergic transmission in Sprague-Dawley rats, based on observations of immunocytochemical labeling for gephyrin, a 93 kDa protein and a component of the functional glycine receptor. A monoclonal antibody(More)
This paper examines some aspects of the information servicing in a distributed information-learning environment called DILE. The problems concerning the educational and informational resources sharing between the dispersed users and a resource discovery mechanism in the context of the distributed resource sharing environments are discussed. We present a(More)
AIM In 2001 a prototype of a gun to apply bioabsorbable tacks in cranio-facial surgery has been developed. METHODS From May 2001 to May 2002 this device has been used in the University Hospital of Innsbruck (Austria) for different cranioplasty procedures, in 34 children, showing its reliability for cranio-facial bone fixation. The children were affected(More)
The present reconstructive methods in plastic surgery include application of microsurgical techniques for reconstruction of tissue defects caused by various etiologic factors. In certain cases the free flaps turn to be the only therapeutic solution, or offer an alternative for achievement of a superior functional and aesthetic treatment. The opportunity for(More)
The objective of this paper is to present the application of simulation techniques for organization of experiments for performance investigation of the distributed information servicing. The paper considers the simulation framework, which allows estimating the effectiveness of different approaches for request routing for resource discovering in the context(More)
In this paper is described novel approach for prefetching of stack references. In proposed method the decision which blocks to be prefetched is based on the context of current procedure. The results clearly point that we can effectively prefetch the stack memory references, we have around 50.82% of miss rate reduction compared to the standard N block(More)
Abstract Whereas basic features of post-axotomy muscle reinnervation have been extensively studied in rats, little is known about axonal regrowth and pathfinding in cats. To address the question, adult cats were subjected to facial-facial anastomosis (FFA). First group served to establish optimal parameters for labeling of the zygomatic and buccal facial(More)
UNLABELLED Mandibular resections are most often performed in cases of tumour ablations. Contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery acknowledges primary one-stage reconstructions of defects through microvscularised transplants. They have intact circulation due to the primarily performed vascular anastomoses. For recovery of the shape and the function of the(More)
Combining breast augmentation with mastopexy is a through challenge due to the difficulty of precise judgment of the tissue surplus and the necessity of keeping part of it for implant coverage. For those reasons, many authors prefer two stage procedure: augmentation with subsequent mastopexy or vice versa mastopexy with implantation of prostheses at a next(More)
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