Radhouane Guermazi

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The development of the Web has been paralleled by the proliferation of a harmful content on its pages. Using Violent Web images as a case study, we tend to present a novel approach to their classification. This subject is of high importance as it has a potential use in many applications such as violent Web sites filtering. We, therefore, focus our attention(More)
In this article, we present a contribution to the violent Web images classification. This subject is deeply important as it has a potential use for many applications such as violent Web sites filtering. We propose to combine the techniques of image analysis and data-mining to relate low level characteristics extracted from the image’s colors to a higher(More)
We propose a compression scheme for still images, by exploiting the theory of Distributed Coding of correlated multi-sources. Two corrupted versions of an image are encoded separately but decoding jointly. Our approach results in twofold. use of decomposition of low-pass wavelet co-efficients for creating the Side Information, and variable-length coset(More)
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