Radhika Niranjan

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Virtualization presents both challenges and opportunities for HPC systems and applications. This paper reviews them and also offers technical insights into two key challenges faced by future high-end machines: (1) the I/O challenges they face and (2) the multi-core nature of future HPC platforms. Concerning the latter, we argue the need to better structure(More)
<i>iConnect</i> is an abstraction that encapsulates all of a virtual machine's interactions with outside entities. Its intent is to exploit semantic information to better support the end-to-end requirements of such VM communications. Focusing on the I/O performed by VMs and leveraging the fact that modern systems already have to virtualize the physical(More)
Our research addresses "information appliances' used in modern large-scale distributed systems to: (1) virtualize their data flows by applying actions such as filtering, format translation, etc., and (2) separate such actions from enterprise applications' business logic, to make it easier for future service-oriented codes to inter-operate in diverse and(More)
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