Radhika Kainthla

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Telomerase is present in human cancer cells but absent in most somatic tissues. The messenger RNA of human telomerase (hTERT) is alternatively spliced into mostly nonfunctional products. We sought to understand splicing so that we could decrease functional splice isoforms to reduce telomerase activity in order to complement direct enzyme inhibition.(More)
Melanoma has the highest mortality of all the skin cancer subtypes. Historically, chemotherapy and immunologic therapies have yielded only modest results in the treatment of metastatic melanoma. The discovery of prevalent V600 BRAF mutations driving proliferation makes this oncogenic protein an ideal target for therapy. Dabrafenib, a reversible inhibitor of(More)
Dabrafenib was developed as a highly specific reversible inhibitor of V600-mutant BRAF kinase, an oncogenic mutation driving proliferation in many different types of aggressive tumors. Metastatic melanoma has a high prevalence of V600-mutant BRAF, and clinical trials showed that dabrafenib improved response rates and median progression-free survival in(More)
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