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Background and Aims: Different kinds of adjutants are used with local anesthetics during intrathecal procedure for prolongation of action. However, they are not completely free from side effects. Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block (FICB) is useful for the same purpose. Method: After administering 20ml 0.5% injection Bupivacaine in FIC (Fascia Iliaca(More)
Back ground: Absence of abduction or presence of restricted abduction movement of shoulder or presence of infection or space occupying mass in axilla creates difficulties or offers impossibilities to expose axilla for brachial plexus block at the same level. Aims: To introduce axillary block in the presence of axillary infection, mass and restricted(More)
s: Background And Objectives: The geriatric patients with limited reserved organs are very prone to develop cardiovascular instability during surgical procedures. Various anaesthetic techniques are advocated for the above purpose. Spinal anaesthesia is one of them and very useful in lower limb surgeries although it is frequently complicated with hemodynamic(More)
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