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Vector Machine (LSSVM) is used to classify the beats into ischemic or non-ischemic, with the features from the FGPCA and FGICA. The ECG beats used in this paper are collected from European ST-T database. There is totally 2040 beats extracted from 17 different patients. The performance of our proposed method is compared with the linear PCA and ICA, shown(More)
This evidence based practice describes a process to evaluate a course within the spirit of ABET Criteria 4, continuous improvement. Faculty and staff are often asked to collaborate on the design and instruction of core engineering courses. Over time, these courses may evolve to accommodate new subject matter, pedagogical approaches, political and personal(More)
Hygeia journal for drugs and medicines' is a half yearly international peer reviewed, open access journal specifically intended to publish papers concerning various aspects of Pharmaceutical sciences like Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Research on traditional and alternative medicnes etc. Original, informative and scientific research and review articles are(More)
Very few case reports of pure squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of stomach are available in the world literature. The exact pathology of this uncommon carcinoma in stomach remains unknown. This is an additional case report of SCC in an elderly female arising in the gastric antrum. She underwent distal gastrectomy, gastrojejunostomy and jejunojejunostomy. The(More)
— In Cloud computing, private cloud is a model where resource sharing is becoming more popular now-a-days. The importance of resource sharing has lead to the development of many algorithms. The existing works in the field of resource sharing used many optimization techniques. The two techniques namely Service Composition Optimal Selection (SCOS) and Optimal(More)
Background: An approach for the automatic segmentation of colon which is filled with air and opacified fluid in CT colonography is presented. The presence of an air and partial volume effect is a challenging factor for the segmentation of colon. Therefore we have developed a new approach for the automatic segmentation of colon.Objective: To extract the(More)
While flexible bandwidth elastic optical networking is a promising direction for future networks, the spectral fragmentation problem in such a network inevitably raises the blocking probability and significantly degrades network performance. This paper addresses the spectral defragmentation problem using an auxiliary graph based approach, which transforms(More)