Radhakrishnan Saravanakumar

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The main objectives of this paper is aimed to control the position of a field oriented Induction Servo motor drive for a given reference input signal in a very efficient way and to compare the two control schemes using Matlab/Simulink. To design a total sliding-mode control system which is insensitive to uncertainties, including parameter variations and(More)
The Wireless sensor network (WSN) consisting of a large number of sensors are effective for gathering data in a variety of environments. Since the sensors operate on battery of limited power, it is a great challenging aim to design an energy efficient routing protocol, which can minimize the delay while offering high-energy efficiency and long span of(More)
The main objectives of this paper are to perform fault analysis on an induction motor using both experiments and simulation, and to study failure identification techniques applied for condition monitoring of the motor and finally to design an On-line condition monitoring system with fuzzy logic controller using LabView. The work in this paper was divided(More)
Advancements in technology get better not only human comforts but also harm the environment. Use of waste stone as a aggregate in construction industry has become popular and safe now. At present construction industry is in need of finding cost effective material to enhance the strength of concrete. The effect of natural aggregate concrete (NAC), granite(More)
This paper deals with nonlinear control of variable speed wind turbine (VSWT), where the dynamics of the wind turbine (WT) is obtained from single mass model. The main objective of this work is to maximize the energy capture form the wind with reduced oscillation on the drive train. The generator torque is considered as the control input to the WT. In(More)