Radhakrishnan Nair

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Let a= (ai)i=1 be a strictly increasing sequence of natural numbers and let be a space of Lebesgue measurable functions defined on [0,1). Let {y} denote the fractional part of the real number y. We say that a is an ∗ sequence if for each f ∈ we set AN ( f ,x) = (1/N) ∑N i=1 f ({aix}) (N = 1,2, . . .), then limN→∞AN ( f ,x) = ∫ 1 0 f (t)dt, almost everywhere(More)
Chronic venous disease (CVD) is one of the most prevalent yet underrated disorders worldwide. High heritability estimates of CVD indicate prominent genetic components in its etiology and pathology. Mutations in human forkhead box C2 (FoxC2) gene are strongly associated with valve failure in saphenous and deep veins of lower extremities. We explored the(More)
Suppose b^ denotes either <j>{k) or 4>{Pk) {k = 1, 2, ...) where the polynomial <j> maps N to N and pk denotes the kth rational prime. Suppose {Ck{x))*j?. denotes the sequences of partial quotients of the continued function expansion of the real number x. Then for certain functions F: R>0 -»Rwe show that , \F{cbl{x)) + --+ F{cbk{x))]F_l [ 1 ri F(cx(x))dx(More)
Suppose kn denotes either n or pn n where the polynomial maps the natural numbers to themselves and pk denotes the k rational prime Let rn qn n denote the sequence of convergents to a real number x and de ne the the sequence of approximation constants n x n by n x q n x rn qn n In this paper we study the behaviour of the sequence kn x n for almost all x(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a valid, reliable scale to measure life skills. The first phase involved the conceptualization and operationalization of life skills based on the review and identifies the research gaps. Similar questionnaires, scales were reviewed, based on that the items were framed for the tool. In the second phase, Face and(More)