Radha Vijayaraghavan

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Pheromones influencing oviposition behavior in females of haematophagous insects have been the interest of recent past by many group of scientists working on oviposition pheromones. Finding and choosing a good site for oviposition is a challenging task for females of haematophagous insects, especially in those insects which does not have the parental care.(More)
Currently, pre-clinical trials using animal models, cell culture methods and bio-informatics takes up to 18 months and the typical development for investigational new drugs takes between ten to fifteen years and associated with high cost and low rate of approval. Phase 0 trials are attractive approach and in future would require only few pre-clinical(More)
Analytical methods employed for the determination of drugs and metabolites in biological matrices such as urine, plasma and serum are essential throughout drug discovery and development. It is well-known that, analytical techniques are constantly undergoing change and improvements and each analytical method has its own characteristics which may vary from(More)
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