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Agile philosophy is to deliver working versions of the software in short iterations, then update the software according to customers' feedback. Applying this philosophy will help to overcome the problems faced in traditional development. By welcoming changes and involving the customer when planning for iteration helps to improve the quality of the(More)
Today, smart objects in Internet of Things (IOT) are able to detect their state and share it with other objects across the Internet, thus collaboratively making intelligent decisions on their own. Large number of objects is quietly introduced into the web every day. It is impossible for a user to keep a track of all objects available around him. Therefore a(More)
ELearning is a fast maturing domain that involves the integration of many technologies. Learning is a knowledge intensive domain. Recent trend is to develop software applications using service oriented architectures. However current learning systems have predefined learning modules and do not take into account the competency of learner and other behavioral(More)
Even today, a large number of organizations collect data using paper forms. However, it can be difficult to aggregate, and analyze the data collected using paper forms. Better management and processing of forms and applications is indispensable to improving customer experience. But, typing the form data into a spreadsheet is time-consuming, mundane and may(More)
Graduate employability is an increasingly major concern for academic institutions and assessing student employability provides a way of linking student skills and employer business requirements. Enhancing student assessment methods for employability can improve their understanding about companies in order to get suitable company for them. So, enhanced(More)
In this paper, a new indexing technique is proposed which retrieves the proximity of the keyword when exact match is not found. It is based on a signature graph along with n-ary tree which retrieves the relevant information when exact match does not exist. The index structure arranges signatures in aggregation hierarchy which leads to improvement of query(More)
The explosive growth of web content makes obtaining useful data difficult, and hence demands effective filtering solutions. Collaborative filtering combines the informed opinions of humans to make personalized, accurate predictions. Content-based filtering uses the speed of computers to make complete, fast predictions. In this work, we present a(More)
Ontology has a richer internal structure as it includes relations and constraints between the concepts. Ontology can be used for information retrieval. Ontology is a halfway determination of a conceptual vocabulary to be utilized for formulating knowledge-level hypotheses around a domain of discourse. The key part of ontology is to help knowledge sharing(More)