Radha Sarma

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This paper presents an assessment of the steps involved in trajectory synthesis (for example, trajectory layout, trajecto-ry generation, trajectory spacing, trajectory postprocessing, and trajectory verification) for shape-creating manufacturing operations such as rapid prototyping, milling, and electrical discharge machining. The rationale for this paper(More)
Currently boundary representations (b-reps) are a convenient means to exchange solid models between applications in a distributed design environment. There are two widely used approaches that help maintain the consistency of b-reps between applications, e.g., when a b-rep is modified in one application and needs to be updated in the other. One approach(More)
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has developed a novel hazardous dispersion model with support from the Defense Special Weapons Agency. The Operational Multiscale Environment model with Grid Adaptivity (OMEGA) is based on an unstructured prismatic grid. OMEGA has the capability to adapt its grid statically as well as dynamically. The(More)
This paper outlines an algorithm for the continuous non-linear approximation of procedurally defined curves. Unlike conventional approximation methods using the discrete L_2 form metric with sampling points, this algorithm uses the continuous L_2 form metric based on minimizing the integral of the least square error metric between the original and(More)
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