Radha Reddy

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Ectodermal dysplasia is a hereditary syndrome characterized by dysplasia of tissues of ectodermal origin (hair, skin, nails, and teeth) and occasionally, dysplasia of mesodermally derived tissues. The triad of nail dystrophy (onychodysplasia), alopecia, or hypotrichosis (scanty, fine, light hair on the scalp and eyebrows) and palmoplantar hypohidrosis is(More)
Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia is a rare congenital disease that affects several ectodermal structures. The condition is usually transmitted as an x-linked recessive trait, in which gene is carried by the females and manifested in males. Manifestations of the disease differ in severity and involve teeth, skin, hair, nails and sweat and sebaceous gland.(More)
A female patient aged 10 years reported with an intra oral swelling on the labial aspect of 32 & 33, appearing to originate from the marginal gingiva & interdental papilla. The swelling was pedunculated, mobile, non-tender, firm in consistency with an irregular surface. The colour of the gingiva was normal with slight ulceration. The swelling was excised &(More)
Aim: Neonates born prematurely and sick full-term neonates are at risk of brain injury. Although advances in neonatal intensive care have greatly improved the survival and outcome of these vulnerable patients, brain injury remains of major concern. Early diagnosis is important for prognostication, optimal treatment, and predicting the neurological outcome.(More)
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