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The effect of severe acute hypoxia (fractional concentration of inspired oxygen equalled 0.104) was studied in nine male subjects performing an incremental exercise test. For power outputs over 125 W, all the subjects in a state of hypoxia showed a decrease in oxygen consumption ( $$\dot V$$ O2) relative to exercise intensity compared with normoxia (P <(More)
Experimental and clinical data suggest that iron has a key role in cerebral ischaemia. We measure infarct volume and analyse the nitric oxide responses to brain injury in rat stroke model after increased oral iron intake. Permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) was performed in a group of 20 male Wistar rats, 10 of which were fed with a control(More)
The effect of acute hypoxia on blood concentration of ammonia ([NH3]b) and lactate ([la−]b) was studied during incremental exercise (IE), and two-step constant workload exercises (CE). Fourteen endurance-trained subjects performed incremental exercise on a cycle ergometer under normoxic (21% O2) and hypoxic (10.4% O2) conditions. Eight endurance-trained(More)
Aims: To develop a micro-method for biotinidase estimation using dried blood spots based on the colorimetric assay developed by Heard et al. Results: A novel micro-method for biotinidase assay from dried blood spots was developed and validated using Heard et al method for plasma (n=35) and Yamaguchi et al method for dried blood spot (n=22).The correlation(More)
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